Welcome to "This Is Showtime"!!

24th 25th December is Special show!!


At Nakatsu Geijutsu Bunkamura Pierrot Harbor

06-6451-7780 Osaka Japan

Ticket: 3650yen include 3drinks & 3foods

 *Please check Ticket page


"This Is Showtime " is Japanese Vaudeville.


Do you know "Showa" period?


"Showa"  is the name of a Japanese era, or "gengo".

Especially, our show create an atmosphere of Showa 30(it's around 1960.).


They who have lived in that time said that "Natsukasii".

If they who had not lived in that time that  "It's new style showtime".


In addition,if they who were not japanese said that "Is here Japan? It's like wonderland!"


Even people who have not lived in the Showa Period should experience a sense of nostalgia.